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Foot Mitts

Foot Mitt range:

This is our range of Martial Arts foot mitts used in training and competitions. These are used for all forms of sparring and competitions

Please make sure you speak to an instructor and get the best advice before ordering  through the instructor.

All orders will be placed after payment.

To view a full range of foot mitts visit our main manufacturer:


If you see any equipment on the manufacturers site not listed below, please ask an instructor for more details.


The Bytomic Axis v2 is our budget foot mitt and a great first choice


Available in red / black, blue / white, black / white and black

Size S, M, L

Price £29.99


The Top Ten Superfight 3000 is our premium foot mitt. Great for the serious competitor


Available in Black, Red and Blue

Size S, M, L

Price £44.99

 Te-Ashi-Do Martial Arts - Kickboxing

Mint Methodist Church, Rewe Hall
Fore Street

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