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Mint Methodist Church, Rewe Hall, Fore Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3AT.

Te-Ashi-Do Instructors

Mark Fry

Founder of Te-Ashi-Do Free Style Karate

Sensei Mark Fry founded the style of Te-Ashi-Do Karate in 1997 after studying 
Hon-Te-Ashi-Do under Sensei Gary Robbins.

Mark has grown Te-Ashi-Do into a modern, effective self defence system, and
 specialises in all the areas that Te-Ashi-Do teaches.

Mark Fry has trained as part of the WAKO, WKA, ICO ISKA and WTKA England teams, 
representing England at the Killarney and Florida WKA world championships and WTKA World Championships in Italy 2013. Highest achievements in competition Martial Arts have been Gold medals in MIA open
 (light continuous) and the Fighters open (semi contact), Gold medal in WKA
 English championships, and bronze medals in WKA and WAKO English championships, as well as Bronze medal at WTKA World Championships 2013 
amongst other medals at local levels.

Mark has also trained many fighters to International level, and the Academy
 has seen good success for its members.

This give Mark Fry excellent experience in both point fighting and continuous
 sports Martial Arts disciplines, and 20 years teaching experience in all forms
 that Te-Ashi-Do offers.

Amongst his qualifications, Mark Fry is one of only a handful of instructors
in the UK qualified to teach the Rapid Assault Tactics system, created for and 
used by Us Navy Seals. The system is based on Jeet Kune Do concepts, and is 
separate, but compliments and reaffirms, Te-Ashi-Do philosophies.

This level of teaching means that anyone interested in sports karate, self
defence, fitness, personal protection or any other element of Martial Arts,
Sensei Mark Fry is well qualified for all these areas.

Mark Fry currently hols a 5th Dan in Te-Ashi-Do Karate and Kickboxing (awarded by WTKA in 2015) and a 5th Dan in Superfoot system of Kickboxing awarded by Bill Wallace and Simon Hengle in 2016

 Te-Ashi-Do Martial Arts - Kickboxing

Mint Methodist Church, Rewe Hall
Fore Street

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