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Mint Methodist Church, Rewe Hall, Fore Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3AT.

Te-Ashi-Do Martial Arts. Offering quality Martial Arts classes in Exeter for over 20 years.

Te-Ashi-Do Martial Arts has been running Martial Arts classes in Exeter for over 20 years.
We offer regular classes in Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing.

Our classes are a mixture of Children’s only and Adults only classes, meaning we have a class suitable for all ages and abilities.

It doesn’t matter what you want from your Martial Arts training, we have something to suit!

And best of all, you can try any class for FREE!

Book a FREE lesson now! Limited spaces.

Tel: 07841175016

Adult and children's Kickboxing classes

Our most popular class!

Classes every Tuesday 6-7 children and 7-8pm for adults

In this class you will have a period of fitness and flexibility, followed by learning techniques which you will then practice on pads or partners, then a session of sparring to finish.

This class teaches techniques for point sparring, Continuous and full contact competitions.

It is ideal for any age or ability, and you don't need to want to compete to train!

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Te-Ashi-Do Karate Children only classes

Our children's only self defence class.

Especially structured to help younger people learn Martial Arts, using or original system's blend of striking, throws, locks and takedowns, all practiced in a safe and friendly enviroment.

Classes are suitable for ages 3-14 and first lesson is always FREE!

Taught by fully qualified, CRB checked instructors.

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What People Say

"Have been training for over a year and a half and it's great! Highly enjoyable and I'd recommend it to anyone"

Katrina Squire

"Instructor knows his stuff. Highly recommended. Great way to keep fit"

Daniel Gosling

"I have attended a few of the Te-Ashi-Do lessons and am very impressed by what I have seen, the instructor makes the lessons fun and easy as well as making sure the training is done correctly.highly recommended"

Ileah Salway

"Great system and instruction from a top competition fighter and martial artist!"

Pete Burgess

Te-Ashi-Do Martial Arts - Kickboxing - Martial Arts Classes in Exeter

About Us

We offer a range of classes suitable for any age or ability and tailor the classes to suit the individual. We have experience in the fitness industry and in security as well as having had students represent their country in competition Martial Arts many times.

This makes us qualified to teach lessons that are easy to learn, fun to do, and give skills you can rely on to benefit your health, confidence and general well being.

Chief Instructor, Mark Fry has been teaching Te-Ashi-Do for over 20 years.

“I started martial arts because I was bullied at school, had low self confidence and wanted to get fit” he says.

“When I started teaching, it was important to me to help others who were in similar situations. I know how scary it can be starting a Martial Art, so I wanted to make our classes fun, accessible and easy to learn.
No egos and a sense of family. Our classes aim to help everyone reach their own potentials and goals”

So come along and try one of our classes, meet our team and start your Martial Arts journey, with us being there to support you every step of the way!

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Mint Methodist Church, Rewe Hall
Fore Street

  Telephone: 07841175016

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