Te-Ashi-Do Karate Adult class


Our new Adult self Defence classes are starting in January!



Te-Ashi-Do Karate teaches all aspects of Martial arts, including striking, throws, locks, groundwork and weapons.

It blends all these into an effective and easy to apply system of techniques, teaching the student to use and apply moves to various situations.

Although the style is serious in its usage, training is always fun, informative and at a pace to suit anyone.

Unlike similar MMA and mixed systems, Te-Ashi-Do does not encourage its use in anything more than training or self defence. We do not encourage egos, usage for personal gain or for use as a competitive form.

There are no fights to pursue, or trophies to gain. Just a sense of self development and confidence found in knowledge and skill.

Lessons are every Monday 7-8pm starting in January.

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