Te-Ashi-Do Karate Childrens Martial Arts class




Te-Ashi-Do children’s Self Defence and Karate class is tailored to teaching effective Martial Arts to younger children. Keeping lessons fun and easy to learn, it makes starting their Martial Arts journey easy and friendly.

Our classes always emphasises respect, discipline, confidence and integrity, and the training also focuses on improving the physical abilities of strength, endurance and flexibility. This makes it a great lesson for children allowing them to burn up energy, develop into better adults who feel confident in themselves and their ability to look after themselves.

Children who study Martial Arts early can have more developed concentration and learning skills, better co-ordination and confidence and work better in groups. They are also physically fitter and generally more active.

With many children today suffering from boredom, hyperactivity, obesity and a lack of exercise, Martial Arts is a great way to combat all these things, and give your children an activity that benefits them in other ways.

The lesson is taught using a mixture of partner exercises, game playing, padwork and sparring.

The children’s class teaches the importance of working together as well as the strength of the individual.

All classes are taught by CRB checked, qualified instructors who have experience teaching children of all ages and abilities. We specialise in training children with various needs and requirements. We believe that everyone deserves to learn from qulity, experienced instructors who can demonstrate skills in all aspects of what we teach.

Time: 6-7pm.

Age: 4-12 years

Where: Mint Methodist church, Fore Street, Exeter

And remember, the first lesson is FREE!

Please see details for our adult classes HERE

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